Approximately 1% of Americans are diagnosed with Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs). Since this condition is so rare there is very little research being conducted on AVMs in the United States. Our goal is to raise money to hire a physician who will conduct dedicated research for increased awareness, early detection and better treatment for AVMs. Help us raise the necessary funding that it is going to take for this to happen. We realize this is a HUGE undertaking, but with God’s guidance, we know that we can ultimately meet our goals. No family should have to go through what our child and family are going through.

Breakdown of where funds are going: Under this fund, Dr. Roc Chen has hired a doctor who will begin full-time work on this research in Fall 2017. The focus will be on potential nanotechnology for delivery of the treatment. The plan is to have a package of $1.5 million over three years to start up. This package will cover the salary and benefits of the full-time doctor, as well as one or two post-docs and a laboratory at UTMS. Then, with this fund, we will apply for an NIH grant based on the pilot study and data collected to help carry on the study. All proceeds after costs go directly toward the research.